Tile Of Edison Video Shoot

Tile Of Edison Video Shoot

Posted On July 22, 2022,

It's always great to have your shoot close by. My biggest worry for remote shoots had always been traffic. It's not always possible to predict traffic even with the live traffic on my GPS. This shoot was about 5 miles from my studio.

The shoot was for Ideal Tile of Edison and it was a great shoot. There was a lot of options for B-Roll which was very important for this shoot because the owner opted for voice-over. With a talking head you have the option to cut back to the person behind the voice. With voice-over you need enough B-Roll to cover the entire video. [Click "Read more.. below to see Photos]

Marco Nigro, the owner was great to work with and he literally wrote the entire script on-site. As you can see from the photos it's a huge showroom and well stock with high quality tiles.

So if you looking buy tiles, counter tops etc for your next project you should check them out. They are located at 561 Route 1 Edison, NJ 08817 or call (732) 819-8000.

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